Villa Rothschild and Villa Sylvia

In 1871, Baron James de Rothschild acquired two plots of land by the beach. On the first, he built the Nathaniel de Rothschild Hospital. On the second, after the death of her husband in 1881, Baroness Laura-Thérèse built a wooden villa, Les Oyats, in 1883 to the plans of architect Émile Lavezzari, who had already been chosen as the main contractor for the hospital. The villa and hospital were destroyed by the German army during the Occupation.

Villa Sylvia was built at the end of the 19th century. It was a boarding house run by the Perraud sisters, who took in young children. It was converted into a nursing home and then, in 1974, into a retirement home. The historic part with its bell tower has been preserved.

Baron and Baroness James de Rothschild were very active in public life, as benefactors and investors, and have been described as the "founders" of Berck. A song was even created in 1881, with the refrain: "So Berck is no longer Berck but Rothschild-sur-Mer".