The Cottage des Dunes

In 1883, Emile de Lhomel decided to build a casino in what were then garennes (a natural area in which rabbits lived freely). The casino did not appeal to holidaymakers, and in 1913 it was sold to Mr Vaudry, a major landowner in Berck (he owned the Villa Normande, among other properties), who converted it into a hotel and renamed it "Cottage des Dunes". Following the First World War, the establishment, which had become a boarding house for disabled children, underwent a number of changes. In the 1920s, galleries were added to the rear façade to create a solarium. It was then extended in 1924. Finally, in the second half of the 20th century, the building changed use. It is now a "place for everyone", housing a crèche, associations, a social centre, etc.

When it was built, the Cottage (then the Casino) was surrounded by nature. All around it were dunes and garennes. It was nicknamed the "Casino des Lapins".