The habitat of "fishermen"

The historic village of Berck, where the fishermen's houses are huddled together, is situated around the town hall square. These houses, without storey, are built lengthways, most often opening onto a courtyard or garden.

Their walls are whitewashed and their base is coated with tar to limit rising damp. A characteristic detail of the Berckois habitat, the shutters do not have a slat.

The interior is limited to two spaces. The common space, entirely dedicated to daily life, is also devoted to the work of preparing the catch. An adjoining room of very small size was used for the family to sleep.

Berck interior, postcard, coll. Archives municipales, Berck

Berck interior, postcard, coll. Archives municipales, Berck

The "séage" or "seillage" is often the main piece of furniture in the house. Family mementos, religious objects, bridal bouquets under a globe and decorative crockery such as "Jersey" earthenware filled the décor.

Namely: the floor is usually made of clay, later it will be replaced by tiles, and daily it is covered with sand to facilitate cleaning.