The Hôtel Regina

Probably built around 1900, the "Villa de santé", now the Hôtel Regina, welcomed women and children on their way to Berck for a marine cure. The original building, on rue de Lhomel, is the current entrance to the hotel, with a double straight staircase leading up to it. An annex was built in 1911. In 1922, a new L-shaped main building was built on either side of a rotunda, running along rue de Lhomel and rue Eugène Trigoulet. It was then renamed the Hôtel Régina. During the Second World War, the building was requisitioned by the German army and became the command headquarters. In 1952, Houillères de France acquired it and the hotel became a holiday centre for their employees. The hotel was bought by a private individual in 1999. The hotel still holds a special place in the hearts of former miners.

At the turn of the 1920s, the terms "sanatorium" and "hospital" became pejorative connotations for fee-paying health establishments, and were frequently replaced by the term "hotel".