The old station

The lighthouse

The lighthouse we know today was built in 1949, following its destruction by the German army of occupation during the Second World War. Reaching a height of 40 metres (around 57 metres above the sea), the cylindrical tower is made up of rings held together by cables. The exterior features alternating red and white circles. This lighthouse is unique in France because it is made of pre-stressed concrete, a process only tried out in Berck by the Lighthouses and Beacons Service. Inside, the staircase is made of reinforced concrete and coated with cement mortar. It was electrified in 1951 and automated in 1996.

Two other lighthouses preceded it. The first lantern dates back to 1836. It consists of an 11 m high cylindrical tower centred on the ridge of a main building. However, the "little hospital" built in 1861 in front of the lighthouse blocked the light beam. So in 1868, a second tower, 25 m high and attached to the building, was built so that the light could no longer be obscured.

The lighthouse, dwelling and surrounding wall were listed as Historic Monuments on 30 December 2010. Today, the keeper's house is home to the Berck Patrimoine et Traditions association.